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Our company goal is never about quantity when it comes to NJ tax appeal appraisals but rather the

"quality of work" to assure our clients receive, & obtain, the reduction they so desire and deserve!

Many NJ Cities/Towns will have a re-evaluation of properties this year, or recently had a re-evaluation, by a 3rd party vendor hired by the town.  The 3rd party vendor hires non-appraisers that are responsible for gathering field data on your home which is than used to conclude your property value using a method commonly known as  "bulk" appraising.  This helps the vendor meet strict deadlines but often results in your home being over appraised and your property taxes being raised.   

Do NOT stand idle!  Get your New Jersey Tax Appeal Appraisal started today!

Let us help you rectify your property tax assessment and lower your property taxes.

A professional independent appraiser is often your best bet in successfully lowering your NJ property taxes.  That's where we come in.  At Selective Appraisal Group, you are commissioning a NJ state certified appraiser, with over 10 years of experience and expertise in NJ tax appeal cases. 

If your NJ property taxes are too high, an unbiased, precise and conclusive NJ tax appeal appraisal, such as ours, will be the most persuasive evidence you can present to both the municipal tax assessor and the county tax board for your NJ tax appeal.

Most appeals are settled prior to a hearing. However, sometimes you will have a hearing on your NJ tax appeal and will need our expertise as the appraiser you've hired to testify on your behalf. Be assured that at Selective Appraisal Group, LLC, we can professionally and persuasively testify at tax appeal hearings by providing expert testimony on your behalf.

Typically, the deadline for filing a NJ tax appeal is April 1.  However, at times the filing deadline is changed by the county.  Therefore, it is important that you contact your county tax board to get the exact deadline for filing your NJ Tax Appeal.

Not sure how to file? We can help you file your NJ Tax Assessment Appeal and walk you through all the steps involved with filing your NJ Tax Appeal.


These are just some counties, but not all, that we have successfully prepared NJ tax appraisals:

Essex County, Union County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, Bergen County, Somerset County, Passaic County and

Monmouth County.

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